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Mexican branch of MBA Consult become the member of APCOB Association

On June 21, MBA Debt Collection Services has officially become the member of the “Asociación de Profesionales en Cobranza y Servicios Jurídicos AC” (also known as APCOB – Association of Professionals on Collection and Legal Services), which is an organization that unites the main debt collection agencies in the country.

Founded in the 1980s, APCOB sets the primary objective of dignifying and professionalizing the debt collection activity.

This organization has a lot of weight in the Mexican market, because it is the main link between debt collection agencies and government representatives, banking community, media and public. The Association strictly ensures that all its members comply with the code of ethics and work in accordance with the Mexican regulation regarding proper practices and always treat at the debtor in a respectful manner.

“MBA Consult Group entered the Mexican market at the beginning of the year, so joining the Association is a very important stage for the further development of the company. In addition, the mission and values of the Association are very much in line with our values and aspirations to make the debt collection process civilized and meeting all the requirements of the law. We strive not only to develop debt collection services, but also to make the financial system more flexible and accessible to millions of people. Therefore, in my opinion, working in the Association and sharing experience will help us to contribute to the development of the industry and the financial system in the country, ” commented Vasiliy Nazarov, the CEO of MBA Debt Collection Services.


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