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We offer proved tools to solve your debt problems. For each country and each city, we developed a range of unique opportunities to help you to pay off your debt. To get more information you may contact our call center or send us an inquiry now.

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Methods of payment

If you want to pay off the debt (in whole or in part), but do not know the details for payment:

  • Contact us at the number given in email or SMS;
  • Ask the operator to provide you with banking details;
  • You will get an SMS with the banking details of your creditor;
  • Use these banking details to pay your debt;
  • Keep the payment receipt.
If you have further questions on payment, please do not hesitate to contact your creditor's call center.


It may take time for the payment to reach the bank, for instance, if you paid on Friday afternoon or made you payment via another bank. Besides, updating the creditor’s and our database may also take some time; therefore, you may still get calls for two or more days.

To deactivate your number immediately, please send a scan of your payment receipt in any way convenient for you:

By email


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