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MBA Consult acquired first debt portfolio in Mexico from a leading multi-financial company

MBA Consult, a global player in the NPL management market and a leading company in providing Credit Management Service in SEA region, has acquired its first consumer non-performing loan (NPL) portfolio from a leading multi-financial institution in Mexico.

We entered the Latin American market at the beginning of 2021, so the acquisition of the NPL portfolio is a significant step for the Group in Mexico.

“Any market has its own characteristics and formats of work, which must be taken into account and carefully studied at the very beginning of the company’s activity. When our Group enters a new market, we always carefully study the legislative framework, interact with local companies and study local working approaches. Naturally, we have an extensive international practice and a knowledge base accumulated over many years of work in completely different markets. But each country has its own nuances. And in order to build a truly successful company and competently build business processes, it is necessary to study local practices more carefully,” said Viktor Vodenko, the Global CEO of MBA Consult

Cession market in Mexico is quite well developed compared, for example, with the Asian region. And neighborhood with the United States and its impact on the country’s economic development had a direct influence on the formation of an advanced debt collection market. So financial institutions actively interact with collectors both within the framework of agency collection and within the framework of a cession.

“Therefore, purchasing of the first NPL portfolio in Latin America has become a kind of springboard for future investment projects for the Group. Today, MBA Debt Collection Services is already negotiating with a number of large financial companies (including the largest American banks that operate in Mexico) on the acquisition of several NPL portfolios,” commented Mr. Vodenko.


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