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NPL-Management Forum of Indonesia

September 12, 2019 – Jakarta, Indonesia. M.B.A. Consulting Indonesia held the NPL-Management Forum.

#1 Event of the Indonesian debt collection market.

This was the unique event that gathered for the first time more over 130 representatives of the largest financial companies, top managers of banks, FinTechs, Government authorities, media and other participants of the financial market and started a dialogue about the collection market, its regulation, the prospects for the industry development and protection of rights and interests of the population and clients.

The active development of Indonesia’s economy in recent years has given impetus to the growth of the consumer market, which led to a high growth rate of retail lending. In the context of credit growth, it is particularly important to control the risks and quality of credit portfolios in order to prevent a sharp increase in NPL volume, which can threaten the liquidity of the banking sector and put at risk the growth rate of the national economy.

The Forum has aimed to provide to all participants a full understanding of the importance of the key factors related to NPL management, to inform them about the latest trends in the collection market of Indonesia and abroad, to give the opportunity to expand their professional knowledge and experiences on the field. The Forum was an opportunity for participants to learn the insights of the most emerging topics in NPL and credit risks management, current economy situation, to listen to case studies of foreign companies and to share best practices.

The forum purpose was not only to discuss the growing NPL and the organization of risk management. We had one highly important task is to build a civilized debt collection market in the country.

“The process of formation of the debt recovery market, credit and monetary relations is not the fast one. But we know exactly how to help the market go through the stages of formation, avoid mistakes and build a process of debt recovery within the framework of law and human norms, which will meet the interests of all participants. The forum serves as a platform where we want to start a dialogue with the financial community and begin to develop joint solutions,” – said Wihantoko, President Director of M.B.A. Consulting Indonesia.


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