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MBA Consult made its first deal in the Indonesian market and surpassed the $1 bln mark in purchased portfolios

Jakarta, Indonesia. On April 26, MBA Consult made its first deal to acquire a non-performing loan portfolio (NPL) in Indonesia. The group has been operating in the Indonesian market since 2015 and holds a leading position in the market based on the results of work with overdue debts. This transaction strengthens MBA Consult Group position as the preferred and trusted partner to leading banks and financial institution in South East Asia when it comes to their handling of non-performing loans (NPLs).

The acquired portfolio allowed to overcome the mark of $1 bln of all purchased portfolios by the Group. “The acquisition of NPL in Indonesia is an exciting milestone in the development of our company – we have overcome the mark of $1 000 000 000 of purchased debts,” said Viktor Vodenko, the Global CEO of MBA Consult Group.

MBA Consult is a global player in the NPL management market and a leader of credit management service. The Group cooperates with more than 500 corporate clients worldwide, has more than 20 million unique debtors at work, and has already helped 2.5 million common people to solve their financial problems. There are over $4 billion of assets under the management and $1 billion returned to clients. Throughout its history, the Group has been actively investing in overdue debt portfolios in Europe, Asia and the CIS countries, having established itself as a reliable and effective partner in dealing with bad debt.

“Our clients are the largest banks and financial institutions worldwide – we have created a company with a reputation of a reliable partner who is able to work effectively with overdue debts and offers its partners unique solutions for the development of their businesses. The Group has already achieved excellent results in the Asian region, we invest a lot into the development of new technologies that promote our efficiency, and we are ready to acquire new NPL portfolios,” commented Mr. Vodenko.

During the period of activity in Indonesia, MBA Consult has achieved significant results: more than 83,6 bln Indonesian rupees (It’s almost $6 mln) were returned to the economy of Indonesia. The increase in the volume of collection in 2018 amounted to 63%, compared to 2017.

In the context of credit growth, it is particularly important to control the risks and quality of credit portfolios in order to prevent a sharp increase in the volume of NPL, which can threaten the liquidity of the banking sector and put at risk the growth rate of the national economy. The mission of the Group is the evolution of the global financial system: restoring the balance of interests of all participants of the financial system, relieving the society of debt problems and the formation of a civilized recovery industry based on the strict compliance with the laws.


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